DR. ROBERT WEGNER, Ph. D. Author and White-Tailed Deer Historian
Author Reviews
"Three of the most interesting and informative books ever written on the white-tailed deer."

-- Professor Harry Jacobson, Mississippi State University.

"Wegner's deer books are a must for any serious white-tailed hunter. Wegner's scholarly training shows through in his writing, in his style, and in the thoroughness of his researching of the literature on any subject .  .  . Deer & Deer Hunting: Book 1 is sure to become the bible of collectors of white-tailed books."

-- John Wootters, 
Petersen's Hunting
March 1985.

"Dr. Wegner has assembled a tremendous amount of data on deer and deer hunting and the ethics of the sport. Read his account, and you will be a better hunter. Live by the precepts stated therein, and you will be a better person."

-- Leonard Lee Rue III, 1984.

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Trained as a cultural historian Dr. Wegner has published seven books on the cultural history of North American white-tailed deer and deer hunting and edited nine classic texts on the subject by such legendary deer hunting authors as Archibald Rutledge, T. S. Van Dyke, George Mattis, Paul Brandreth, Philip Tome, Meshach Browning and Frederick Gerstaecker.

His award-winning work has appeared in such magazines as Hunt Club DigestWisconsin Sportsman,Pennsylvania Game NewsMichigan SportsmanFur-Fish-GameQuality WhitetailsWhitetail Hunting StrategiesWisconsin Outdoor Journal and many others.  His landmark book trilogy, Deer & Deer Hunting, has sold more than 100,000 copies.  Fred Bear referred to this three-volume work as a classic in American hunting literature."


During the 1980's Rob Wegner, his wife, Maren, and daughter, Serena, lived on Deer Foot Road and interacted with whitetails on a daily basis in the heart of "The Uplands" in Southwestern Wisconsin. In 1992, he moved to Deer Valley, a secluded whitetail-baliwick, where he spends most of his time studying, chasing and writing about the white-tailed deer. 
As a result of his efforts in this regard Legendary Deer Camps (2001), part of The Classics Series from Deer & Deer Hunting magazine, won the 2003 Excellence in Craft Award from the Outdoor Writers' Association of America. In his review of the book, Dr. James Swan, author of In Defense of Hunting, writes: 

"Weaving together his love of deer hunting with his professional training as a historian, he has become the dean of the history of white-tailed deer hunting in the United States."

In reviewing the second volume of this trilogy, Legendary Deerslayers (2004), for the magazine Sporting Classics, historian Dr. James Casada calls the book: 

"A must for the eyes of deerslayers par excellence, it provides a fuller understanding of how we got to where we are today and where we might be going as hunters. Add this book to your shelves or coffee table, and as you do so, I'm sure you will join me in tendering a vote of thanks to Wegner for his stellar efforts of probing , then perpetuating, our rich white-tailed deer-hunting legacy."

Wegner is currently finishing a cultural history of The North American White-Tailed Deer Hunt, 1930-1970, and writing a biography on Judge John Dean Caton, LL. D., the legendary deer man of the 19th century.

The author with a quality white-tailed buck taken in Deer Valley, 2006.